Mission Statement

Cinematopia is a haven for the movie lover. With a deep felt respect for cinematic history, the collection attempts to make available a sampling from all the genres, with an emphasis on the best in international offerings, milestone classics, cult favourites, quality documentaries, a variety of kids' entertainment, and the best of the newest releases. Eventually we hope to carry all the films the Fundy Film Society screens (as their choices are invariably interesting and critically acclaimed); Oscar best picture winners from 1927 to the present; Cannes Palme D'or winners; director series; the best of British drama and TV; literary adaptations; art, music, dance, biographies; art house darlings and the cream of the latest crop of independent films; cheesy science fiction and cult; NFB and other Canadian gems. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you to a memorable experience or leave you to browse at your leisure. We try to cultivate a fun and friendly atmosphere. Come in and find what you've been missing!


People seek out movies for different reasons. You may be looking for very specific information on a serious topic in a documentary; you may need to see an adaptation of a work of literature to cram for a test; you may have a craving to see a great classic you've missed, find how other cultures express themselves in international films, or you may just want to get away from day to day routine with escapist Hollywood fare. Whatever your goal, we can help you fulfill your need, in a friendly enthusiastic manner. We recognize that movies are a universal pleasure for the modern person.


At Cinematopia we expose ourselves to a wide variety of cinematic offerings, read up on new films as they're released, and study those treasures of the past, so that we hope we can offer a wide selection of the best out there. We won't have everything, but being selective in our choices, we'll have the best. Customers can rely on our knowledge to select just the film they want to see, so you don't have to be up on the latest reviews, because we will be. Personalized service is a primary mandate of our establishment.

Discriminating Taste

Keeping up on reviews, with the goal of having only worth while titles, our hope is that a customer will be able to reach out his/her hand, pick a movie off the shelf, and rest assured that someone has actually chosen it as part of the collection. We can't guarantee that it will become your new favourite movie, you may not even like it, but you can expect that it won't be a waste of an evening.


One of my favourite things about working at Cinematopia is witnessing the energy that spontaneously occurs when diverse members of the community happen to gather and discuss the best movies they've seen, encouraging their fellow citizens to experience them as well. Being part of a place where this dynamic can flourish is a pleasure. I love it when someone asking me what the best thing I've seen recently is waylaid by another client talking about the treasures she'd/he'd found. This niche outlet engenders community bonding, and what better way to tell each other stories than through a medium which explores all aspects of the human experience.

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